#02 Interacting with your model

    Tracking the mouse pointer

By default, if you set up the basic parameters properly, your model should be animated already.  
Click-drag your mouse around and see how your model is following it.

This movement affects the following parameters.
If you established them correctly, the movement should perform well.
  • Angle X、Y
  • Eyeball X、Y
  • Body X

    Adding hair swaying motion

To do this, we need a new set of physics component. 

For original models

Given that the model has its parameters "Hair move - Front" and "Hair move - Back" setup, Viewer's physics mechanic should be
able to perform correctly right away. 
Go to Project > Sample > Physics: Hair
Select the option.

For sample models

In the extracted folder of the downloaded model, 
drag and drop the physics.json file onto the sample model in Viewer.

Try to click-drag the mouse around to test the animation.
The hair should be swaying with physics applied, behaving naturally.

The physics component may not always apply to original models properly.
See here for details.

    Adding idle motion

A simple motion will do for this animation.
The idle motion in Live2D is basically a looped motion.
When there is no action given, the model repeats playing the idle motion.

Do not have idle motion data

Do not worry if you do not have a motion data for idle state. 
Given that the parameters are setup properly, the built-in idle motion sample in Viewer should work.
Go to Project > Sample > Motion:Idle
Select the option.

Have an idle motion data

If you do have a premade idle motion data, drag and drop the .mtn file onto the model in Viewer.
Viewer should apply the motion as an idle motion immediately. 

Now you can see your model animated actively even when there is no operation happening.

Finally, we move on to the desktop part.