#01 Displaying model in Live2D Viewer

    Live2D Viewer

  • A check tool for Live2D models. Download here
  • It is a free software.
  • It works on both Windows and Mac.
In this tutorial, we will be making a desktop mascot with Live2D Viewer.

    Launching Viewer

Open up your model in Cubism Editor.
It could be a model you've created, or one of the sample models.

Go to the top menu, under "Tools", select "Preview Model with Live2D Viewer".
Live2D Viewerの起動

    Installing Live2D Viewer

If Live2D Viewer is not installed yet, a message would prompt you to download it. Choose "Yes" and the browser window would open.
Press the "Download" button. Please wait for the download and then run the file.

Live2D Viewerのダウンロードページ

The installation requires AdobeAIR.
It is recommended that you leave installation folder as the default path.
Modeler would automatically recognize it this way. 

Live2D Viewerのインストール

    Starting up

Viewer will start up normally after installation.

Coming up next, we will setup the interaction feature on the model in Viewer.