Making A Desktop Mascot

  • You will learn the basic usage of Live2D and how it acts as an operation test tool for your model.
  • Create a desktop mascot using the transparent background function.
  • Cubism Editor beginners can also get to enjoy simple interaction with Live2D models.

#01 Live2D Viewerで表示してみよう
 #01 Displaying model in Live2D Viewer
Take your model created in Cubism Modeler and display it in Live2D Viewer. 
Time needed: 5 minutes

#02 インタラクティブに動かしてみよう
 #02 Interacting with your model
Tracking your mouse pointer and giving the hair physical property.
Time needed: 5 minutes

#03 デスクトップに表示しよう

 #03 Deploying on the desktop
 Displaying the desktop mascot with a transparent window.
Time needed: 3 minutes

そっちのほうがいいひとは下のリンクからどうぞ !

Live2D スタッフブログ 「絵が描けなくても、Live2Dで遊ぶ!」