Live2D Glossary


An element that can be placed on the canvas in Modeler.
It includes items such as drawing objects, deformers, and guide images.


An animation unit that is composed of one or more motion on a timeline.
You may create and edit multiple scenes at a time in Animator.

    Texture / Texture File

The original illustration of the model that maps out each of its parts on a plane separately. It is arranged in a way that avoids the parts overlapping each other.  
Typically, the file is to be a PNG background-less image, with a resolution size that is of the power of 2 (256 x 256 px, 512 x 512 px, 1024 x 1024 px, 2048 x 2048 px). 


Components of the model that the user considers as a part of the character, such as "right eye brow" or "nose", etc..
Each "part" unit is made up of one or more drawing objects encapsulated by a defromer.

    Drawing Objects

Objects on the canvas that display the texture of a part. It contains data of a set of polygons (assigned by the user) on the texture material and takes that marked area to display on the canvas. 


A deformer does area-control on the vertices of one or more drawing object to transform the texture material on the canvas. 
"Curved Surface Deformer" is used for shaping the drawing object in curves, while "Rotational Deformer" is used for rotating and scaling a drawing object.


Polygon refers to a triangle defined by three vertices on the texture material.
A set of polygons is a unit called a "drawing object", which are the components that assembles into your model.
Polygons map the area on the texture material to be displayed on the canvas, defined as a drawing object.

    Assign Polygon

The work process of arranging polygons on the texture material to define a drawing object.
It is done by adding and connecting three or more vertices
 in the "Edit Texture" window 


sequence of a timed arrangement of object(s). It makes the "movements" of your model as the sequence transitions from one set of parameter values to another. This is done in Animator. 

    Motion Data

A motion data file (.mtn) exports a motion from Animator to be called to a scene in other development environments.

    Create / arrange a motion

To design a "movement" in Animator by adjusting the parameter(s) on the timeline.

    Key form

A form / variant of a drawing object which its state is transitioned when the corresponding parameter is set to a specified key value.
(There can be more than 2 key forms per each parameter)