#04 Deformer and Movement

There are two methods to make movement in Live2D - to move a drawing object directly, or using a deformer tool.
Let us begin with explaining the usage of a deformer.

    About the Deformer Tool

Deformer is a handy tool for changing the shape or rotating the image.There are two types of deformers: Curved-surface Deformer, and Rotation Deformer.

Curved-surface Deformer

It is a quadrilateral-shaped outline deformer, mainly for curving the image.
Using the tool to smudge, bend, or swell will allow the 2D image to appear much more 3D.

Rotation Deformer

A handle will be set at the middle of the rotation. This tool is mainly for rotating the image.
The most common use of this tool is for rotating the head and joints of limbs. This creates the rotational movement for animation.
Curved-surface Deformer Rotation Deformer

Parent-child Structure

 Deformer is the key mechanic that structuralize the parent-child relationship among parts.
           Think of deformer as a "box that contains a picture (drawing object)".

By moving one "box", all the items within would move along.

<Example 1>
 <Example 2>
Drawing object "Eye" has its parameters "Angle Z" and "Angle XY" referencing to one parent-deformer's "Angle XY" and one grandparent-deformer's "Angle Z".       Drawing object "Eye" has only the parameter "Angle Z" affected by      one parent box with "Angle Z" (the other box with "Angle XY" is         moved by the box of "Angle Z", but does not affect "Eye").

For the next part, add a rotation deformer to create the rotational method of the face.

    To place a deformer

Let's make the rotation of the face!
First select the part group where the deformer will be created in.
Select "Face" part on the "Parts" palette.

For this time, do not select any drawing object.
If you have selected a drawing object, remove the selection by clicking on the empty space.

When ready, click the "Create Deformer" button.

After the "Create Deformer" window appears, go through the settings.

Under "Destination Part", select the "Face" part, which should have been selected beforehand.
For the following box, make sure that it has selected "- Reference 

Select "Rotate" to be the deformer type.

Once done, click on "OK".

Now, you have created a deformer in your canvas.

Move the deformer to the area beneath the mouth.
Click and drag the black dot to move the deformer.
(To adjust the length, Alt + drag click the white dot)

    Deformer Settings

To assign a the parent deformer to a draw object.

  1. Select the draw object that you wish to adjust.

  2. On the "Edit" palette, choose "Deformer".

  3. Click the "Face rotation" that we've just finished on tweaking.

The draw object of the face has became the child (of the parental relationship) of the "Face Rotation" deformer. If you drag the handle (white dot), you would be able to rotate everything together.

We will now set the remaining draw objects to deformers.

  1. Double check that you've selected the "Arrow" tool.

  2. Choose the corresponding parts.
    If you choose the parts, then all the draw objects within the parts will be selected at once.
    You can select multiple objects by holding the CTRL key. Hold the control key as you select the following: eyes, pupil, eyelashes, mouth, nose, bangs, back hair.

  3. Click "Deformer"

  4. Click "Face rotation"

You are now able to rotate the entire face at once.