Tutorial for Beginners

Let's learn the basics with "Simple-chan"
    This tutorial introduces the basics of Live2D.
    By the end of this, you will be able to create your first animated model.

    Download the PSD sample file for this tutorial from the button below.

    #01 Cubism Modeler を起動して準備をしよう
     #01 Starting up Cubism Modeler 
    Launching the software and loading up the guide image.
      You may download the tutorial material pack from this page.
     Time Needed : 5 minutes

    #02 描画オブジェクトをパーツに振り分けよう
     #02 Separating the drawing objects into parts
    Dividing up the drawing object into parts for easier management.
    Importing the texture material through a PSD file will setup the model for you.
    Time Needed : 5 minutes

    #03 ポリゴンを整えよう
     #03 Polygon arrangement
    Positioning the texture material in place.
    Assigning the polygons and setting the draw order.
    Time Needed : 15 minutes

    #04 デフォーマで動きの仕組みを作ろう
     #04 Deformer and Movement
      Creating and allocating deformers.
      Using the rotation deformers to rotate parts like the neck.
     Time Needed : 5 minutes

    #05 パラメータで動きをつけよう
     #05 Parameter and Movement
    Setup the parameters to make the character move.
      It includes e
    ye opening and closing, mouth opening and closing, and neck tilting.
     Time Needed : 20 minutes

    #06 Cubism Animator でモデルを動かそう
     #06 Cubism Animator, making the model move
    Transferring the model from Modeler to Animator to make animation.
    Using key frames in the timeline.
     Time Needed : 10 minutes

    #07 動画やGIFアニメに書き出そう
     #07 Exporting animation as GIF
    Exporting the animation to a movie video and a GIF file.

     Time Needed : 5 minutes