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04. Hints for for a Higher Quality production

Here you will find hints and advice to help you create more smooth and realistic character motions

    Hints for higher quality production

Move the face around along with the expressions, and create body movements to fit the head motions along the XYZ axis available.
          A model  moving just the head looks unnatural and robotic.

Varying the timing between moving parts instead of starting and ending movement at the same time.
When the model parts all begin and stop moving at the exact same time, it looks robotic and unrealistic.
           It's more natural for the face to turn, and be followed by the body, for example, than to have them both turn at the same time.

Smoothing the starting and stopping timings of objects.
In reality, things don't stop moving suddenly. there is recoil and skid times to be aware of.
When stopping a motoion, you can make it more natural by setting up a slight movement time for other parts (such as arms and hair) before they catch up to the main body.
           Depending on the parts of your model, stopping and skidding parts will vary depending on the intended result.

Realistic Body Language
People often blink when their eyes turn to look at a different object
           It's also possible to have the body and arms move while engaging in lively conversation.

Vivid Expressions
Facial Expressions are one of Live2D's strong points, it transitions between expressions smoothly and naturally.
Creating delicate expressions with care will give great results, don't forget how expressive eyebrows can be!

Adding Oomph to a simple motion
An Idling character isn't very exciting, since the motion is very simple and minimalistic
Adding sharp mouth movements to the voiced dialogue can create great contrast in a scene!

Create In-Character motions accordingly
Male Characters
-Generally don't move around much, a stoic pose can represent a dependable character
-Very little neck tilting, it is seen as cute, so unless that is the intention, decrease the amount of head tilts.
Female Characters
-It varies by character, but tilting the head and swaying the body at the same time is considered cutsy and adorable.