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05. Increasing the work efficiency while working with Animator

This section describes practices that help increasing the work efficiency when creating videos using Animator.

    Working more efficiently with Animator

Switching between Animator 64bit version / 32bit version

Animator's 32bit version and the 64bit version are compatible, but there is a performance difference shown in the table below.

 Memory limitQuickTime
 32bit  1GB ◯
 64bit 4GB ✕
Data produced in either versions can be read by the other without any problems.
But the only version capable of exporting with QuickTime in the time being is the 32bit version. (※)

Creating a long scene in Animator requires a lot of resources and computing power
So for a smoother editing experience, you can freely use the 64bit version because of the higher processing power available.
Once the editing work is finished and you are ready to export
Open the saved project file with the 32bit version where the video exporting is available
This way, you are capable of working efficintly, and still be able to export the video.
In the case of editing a project with a Sound file, it is advised to work on the Animator's 64bit version, because of the possibility of the sound cutting out in the middle of longer projects.

※ We are currently working on improving the workflow of Animator 64bit version so the user will no longer be required to switch between two versions. Please await the implementation 2015/12/28

Exporting several videos simultaniously

It is possible to use two instances of Animator to export several scenes at the same time
(The number of possible instances varies by machine)
Exporting several scenes simultaniously reduces the wait time when working on a project.

Adding the sound to images exported as a series.

- In the case of exporting the animation as a series of images
Adobe AfterEffects, Adobe Premiere and other programs can be used to create animations with the exported images of Animator
In Animator 64's menu, click on File> Export> still image (sequential number)
The exported images can be imported into the video editing program,
this means you do not need to export [video] using the 32bit version.
However, this means that you cannot export the audio alongside the animations with this method
you can add the audio in AfterEffects as part of the editing process.
           [It is possible to manually add audio to videos exported in Animator 32bit using other software as well]