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09. Creating and Managing Templates

You can re-use any set of keyframes by selecting a few and saving them as a template,
any motion can be inserted into the timeline with the simple press of a button.

This is especially useful for motions used often such as blinking.

    The Template Creation Process

Start by creating the motion you want to make into a template

In this scenario we are creating a blinking motion
Making three keyframes in the timeline, two open-eye keyframes with a closed-eye keyframe in between.

Select the sucession of keyframes you want to make into a template

Click the 'New' button in the [Template] palette.

Enter the template name in the input dialog, and then click the [OK] button.

This will create a "blink" button in the Template palette.

When you click this "blink" button, the key frames recorded in the template will be inserted anywhere you want.


    Managing Template Files

Click the Folder button in the template palette.

This opens the folder where the template files are stored.

You can add, move, rename and remove files here, and they will be available to every project you work on in the Animator.
Template files acquired from other locations can be pasted here as well.

If you change the files in the folder, you can click the [Update] to refresh.

You can see the changes reflected in the Template palette.