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10. Generating a scene from an Audio File

It's possible to automatically create a scene from an audio file, and to help streamline the process, it is possible to create several scenes from several audio files.
This section explains the process of [Generating scenes from Audio Files]

How to Generate scenes from Audio files loaded in the Animator

Load the audio files you intend to generate the scenes from, by dragging them from the Folder and dropping them into the [Materials] palette box.

And load the Model you will be using.
To start, click on the track name.

And from the top menu select [Scene]→[Generate a scene automatically from audio file]

The scenes will ge generated in sucession using the same names of the audio files.

Now the timeline has an audio file ready to play along the animations and the Model has keyframes that are lip-sync motions corresponding to the audio.
The keyframes and length of the scene will be the same as the audio file.