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01. Setting up for an easy Motion creation process.

before you start creating motions, here are some points to keep in mind, they should serve to reduce repetitive actions for your convenience.

Naming the Audio File

The Cubism Animator has the ability to automatically create a scene from audio files, the audio file name will be automatically used as a scene name and thus the name of the saved mtn file.
It's a good idea to keep this in mind while naming your audio files to make your scenes easier to identify at a glance.

Understanding which Parameters are universally controlled

some applications share a universal array of controlled movements (like the app hibikidokei etc) that control movements used often, such as breathing and waving motions of hair.
there are others that cannot control the motions, too
, so let's keep in mind the array of parameters we can and cannot control in the intended application before creating them.


it is possible to recall an often-used expression such as blinking or character facial expressions simply by pressing a button.
since the templates are saved seperately from the model itself, it is possible to reuse any template with any model.
using templates helps you create your motions faster by reducing the grindwork of redoing a lot of common actions.

Switching Arms and Poses

when the character switches from one pose to another, the limbs might induce a fade effect during the switch.
which parts will need to disappear and how to beautifully execute that should be discussed with your team to achieve the best results since you cannot change the way it looks once the model is finished in the Editor stage.