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13.Importing motion data files

You can import the mtn file exported from Animator back into it.

    Import settings of .mtn files

Drag and drop .mtn files into the Animator's main window, the [Import Settings] dialogue will pop up.

Import Parameters
           Here you can choose which marameters to import into the timeline

To select a parameter, click the parameter name.
You can add the selected item using Left Click + [Ctrl]. You can select more than one parameter using left click + [Shift].
           Selected items can be unselected by Left Clicking on them again.

Error Tolerance
Set the allowed error and variation margin of the imported parameters

Importing to selected frames
When it's checked, you can choose to import values at a selected frame
If unchecked, the imported file will be inserted at the beginning of the timline

Let's take for example: importing the angle of the face.
For the time being, let's leave the error tolerance at 0%

In this way, we can have exclusive control over the angle of the face.

Now let's try to import the same values using a 5% error tolerance value.

This decreases the number of keyframes to work with.
And creates an easier time working with keyframes than with the original mtn file.

Tip: Importing Physics motions

You can add physics-based motions in the mtn file by importing only the physical operations, such as waving hair motions created in this * page,
With this way, hair motions are created automatically

Considering that the editing is easier if you import at about 5% of the acceptable error margin, it is actually better for Hair motions to be picked manually.

The suggested procedure is as follows:
      1. In Animator: Create the non-physics motions
      2. In Animator: Save the .mtn file
      3. In Viewer: Enable and add the required physics
      4. In Viewer: Save the .mtn file with the added physics
      5. In Animator: Drag and drop the file into the Animator to import the new motions
and you're done!