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05. Changing the Keyframe interpolation method

The default setting for the Keyframe interpolation is 'Automatic Curve interpolation.
it can be changed to "Linear interpolation" by clicking the [/] button.
Note: changing to Linear interpolation cannot be undone.

※  The Curve Editor panel might be hidden after you click the [/] Interpolation button to show the curve editor panel again,
      click a parameter and then click the curve editor button.

    Automatic curve interpolation

the values between parameters will be drawn as a curve.
Allowing the motion to slow down with a downwards curve before it ends will give the feeling of a more realistic expression
unless your project has a spicific reason not to, it is better to use it for a smoother result.

    Linear interpolation

making the relationship between keyframes consist of straight lines gives a more mechanichal motion.