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02. Inserting the Model and managing the placement

    Starting a New Project and Scene settings

When you first start the Animator, the [Project Selection] dialog will appear.

Scene settings are created with the default values unless you decide to change them:
The default Frame rate is 30 fps, screen size 640 x 480. if you are satisfied, click the "OK" button.
The default Fade in and Fade Out is 1 for moving images. if you are creating videos, it is possible to erase that and go with a blank.

Once you have chosen a name for your project, save it.

In front of you will be the main user interface of the Animator

Rearranging the Palette

It is possible to rearrange the boxes of the Animator working area to suit your needs: [materials] [scene] [template] and [parameters]
you can do that by simply dragging the tab of each palette window to where you would like it to stay. [as shown in the image brlow]

Inserting the Model (cmox) and managing the placement

Drag the Model file (cmox) into the Animator's window to import it.
alternatively, use the File→ Open dialogue to choose the desired model file.

The model will be desplayed at it's full size on the screen, and can be resized/ rotated to the desired size to fit into the work area.

To resize the model while maintaining the aspect ratio, grab one of the four dots on each corner and drag.
To resize the model without maintining the aspect ratio, drag any of the corner dots while pressing the SHIFT button on the keyboard.