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07. Setting Fade Values

You can set the value for fade on the beginning or end of a motion, or the fade time between two motions.

※This page explains the Fade-In and Fade-Out process of keyframes for a motion, not as a video effect. it is used when switching motions created for an application, to create a more smooth transition during live execusion.

For more Information on Fade in applications, please click here.

    Set the fade value from Scene Settings

Once you create a new project, the dialogue to edit scene settings will show for you to edit and confirm any settings.
You can set the value for Fade-In and Fade-out from here even before you begin.
(You can always change it later)

※Leaving the value space empty will disable the Fade effect
It's good practice to disable it by erasing the default values, for example when making a movie.

Fade shows a darker background for keyframes affected by the Fade-In, Fade-out action

If you want to change the value of Fade at the beginning of a scene, click the [Change] button in the [Scene palette] to get the Scene Settings dialogue.

    Setting the Fade value manually in the Timeline

Setting the Fade value from the Scene Settings is universal, it affects all parameters
It is possible to set the value for indivitual parameters on the Timeline itself.

Setting the Fade value to individual parameters

To set the Fade time of individual parameters, select them in the timline by continuously clicking the mouse button and dragging the selection box to include them.
And then right click to show the menu, select the "Fade-in/Out Setting" item.

In the "Set Fade In/Out" dialogue box, select the "Selected Parameter" radio button.
Once you've set the desired value, click [OK]

Now you can see the selected parameters have their Fade value set individually from the rest.

Setting the Fade value to the whole Scene

Right click anywhere in the timeline and select "Fade In/Out setting" item on the menu

in the 'Set Fade In/Out" dialogue box, select the "Scene" radio button and change the values, click [OK]

Since we set the Fade setting for the whole scene, all the parameters are affected equally.

Cancelling the Fade effect

It is possible to disable the Fade completely from the whole scene or selected parameters by leaving the value box empty in the "Set Fade In/Out" dialogue box, erase the values of the Fade-In and Fade-out options.
Or simply press the "Cancel Settings" buttons under the Fade-In and Fade-out value boxes to erase their contents, and cick [OK]