01. Exporting Video

You can export the animations created in the Animator as a movie file.

    Video Output Settings

From the top menu, click File → [Export] → [Video]

A dialog box will pop up to control the video exporting settings, enter the desired values and click the [OK] button.

Setting ItemFunction
 Width / HeightSets the exported video size.
※ in the FREE version, the maxmimum export size is 1280 x 720 (or 720 x 1280).
※ It is recommended to export to a universal standard screen size.
※ Exporting to an unusual size may cause the video to not be played in the Player. it is reccommended to have a custom width that is a Multiple of Four to ensure proper playback.
 fpsIt specifies the video frame rate. It is advised to have it set to the same value as the scene settings.
 Output work areaOnly export the parts of the timeline that fall within the range of the work area indicators (the green line on top of the main timeline).
High QualityIt is reccommended to uncheck this box and shrink the size of the video when exporting the first draft, if there are no problems or edits, check this box to export the animation at the highest quality possible. This ensures less usage of disk space and resources.
 Transparent background
(Quick Time: AnimationCodec)
If available, enabling [AnimationCodec] in [Quick Time] settings allows you to export a video file with the character model placed over a transparent background.
 Display the Live2D logoPlaces the Live2D logo onto the exported video.
 Output without re-compressionWhen checked, exports the project as a raw video and bypasses the process of video compression. If unchecked, you will be asked to name the exported video, and then a dialog of available video compression codecs on your system will pop up for you to choose from.
If you want to specify a video format, remove the check, otherwise the project will be saved as the default video formats available.
※ Removing the checkmark and saving the file without re-compression may cause the video and audio to be out of sync on video streaming sites such as Youtube.

Next, you will be asked to specify the folder where you want to save, enter the file name, and then click the Save button.
Animator can readily export to Quicktime format, and AVI format.

Movie Export Settings

Unchecking the checkbox of the [Export without re-compression] value will pop up a dialogue box after you choose the file name.

Available settings for Quicktime format

Available settings for AVI format

You can change the export values of [Video], [Sound], and [Prepare for Internet Streaming (Quicktime format only)], when you are done click the [OK] button, to begin the export process.