02. Exporting Gif Animation

You can export the scene as an animated GIF.

  GIF animation output settings

Click on File menu → [Export] → [GIF animation]

A dialogue box will open with the available settings, change them to fit your required export needs and click [OK].

Setting itemFunction
Width / HeightSets the size of the exported image.
※ The maximum export size in the FREE version is 720 x 1280 vertically or horizontally. [When the aspect ratio is fixed, entering a value in one box will automatically change the value of the other to fit the final resize]
 fpsIt specifies the frame rate of the animated GIF.
Output work areaOnly export the parts of the timeline that fall within the range of the work area indicators (the green line on top of the main timeline).
 LoopCheck this box when you want the animated GIF to loop. If unchecked, it will play only once and stop on the last frame.
 High QualityIt is reccommended to uncheck this box and shrink the size of the image when exporting the first draft, if there are no problems or edits, check this box to export the animated GIF at the highest quality possible. This ensures less usage of disk space and resources.
 Use Blur (If unchecked high-speed output)Works with a model created with the Modeler "Vector" version. You will be able to output a blur effect on the animated character. has no effect on models created with the standard Cubism Modeler version.
 Transparent BackgroundExport the GIF animation with a transparent background.
 Error DiffusionControls dithering (error diffusion) when exporting a GIF image because of the limited color palette. Mainly affects the appearance of the gradations.
 Display the Live2D logoAdds a Live2D watermark on exported GIF images.

Specify the folder you want to save the file into, and enter a file name.
And click the Save button.