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11. Export as MTN file

Once you're done creating a motion, you can export it from Menu → Output Motion Data, into an .mtn file

Motion Data Settings

Export Scene Settings

Output All Scenes
Exports all the scenes within the project shown in the [Scene] palette as seperate .mtn files.

Output Selected Scene
Exports only the current scene (one .mtn file)

Scene Settings

Sets the framerate of the exported motion to the value entered

Output Work Area
                              Exports only the data contained within the range of the work area, slide the indicators at the top of the timeline to adjust.

Items to be Output

Write the motion file with the parameter settings in the combo box

Switch Part View
Write the motion file with the switched parts settings in the combo box

Settings of the Combo box
No OutputIgnores all Parameters
All Parameters Activates all parameters
Parameter with TransitionActivates only the parameters that have been changed, useful for when you want some motions to inherit a parameter from a previously executed motion.
Keyed ParametersActivates only the frames with a changed parameter on them
Non-Shy ParametersDisables the [-]Shy effect on parameters

Output Position
                              Exports the Placement and Opacity of the model in the mtn file.
Output Zoom-in Zoom-out
Exports the value of the model magnification along with the placement and opacity

Export Formats

.mtn text format (standard)
This format allows you to open the mtn file in any text editor and change the values manually

.mtnb binary format
This file format is faster to execute.

Start .mtn / .mtnb conversion tool
Start the wizard to convert motion data from mtnb and mtn, and vise versa

Unless there is a spicific reason not to, it is advised to export using these values.