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04. Curve Editor

Using the curve editor ensures that you can control the flow of any created motion.
This page documents the basic operation of the Curve Editor.

Show the Curve Editing Panel

Select the parameter you would like to inspect, and click the [Curve] button to display that parameter's motions.

Managing the Curves in the Curve Editor

You can select a number of keyframes in the Curve editing panel to move them.
This way, you can edit any number of keyframes in batches.

If you start dragging without selecting a keyframe, a selection box will appear for you to select the keyframes in range.

The selected keyframe(s) in the selection box can be freely deformed.
Moving the middle control dot in the selection box will move the keyframes without changing the curve relationship between keyframes.

You can also reduce the height of the curves by minimizing the size of the red selection box.

You can press the [ALT] or [SHIFT] buttons while dragging the selection frame with the mouse, they operate as following:

[SHIFT] + drag: Moves the selection box with a Snap-On effect, vertically or horizontally.


[Shift] + drag a corner point: Scale the selection while maintaining the aspect ratio.

[Alt] + Drag: Scale the selection box around the anchor the center.

[Shift] + [Alt] + drag: Scale around the anchor point at the center while maintaining the aspect ratio.