Cubism Animator

This is the User Manual for Cubism Animator.

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    What Is Cubism Animator

The Animator is a tool that allows you to create animations of a Live2D model.

Creating an animation is as simple as changing the parameter values ​​that you set in the Modeler (named “Key Forms”) on a timeline, Animator will do the rest!
Created animations can be exported as a movie, animated GIF, a sequence of still images, and as a motion data file to use with interactive applications (exported as a .mtn format file).

    Create Key-Forms in Modeler, and use them in Animator!

The moving parts that you can manipulate in the Animator depend on the limitations you set to them in the Modeler.

For example, the arm will only rise as high, and the mouth will only smile as wide, as you set them to be in the Modeler.

The Animator cannot modify these variables beyond the set limits, so when you need that arm to go higher up, or that mouth to smile wider, be sure to set it to your satisfaction from within the Modeler before attempting to Animate it.