Update History (2.0)

[2015/01/09]    2.0.01

[2015/01/09]    2.0-2

Republished the latest version of Cubism Editor, because it was accidentally published with an unsupported version.

[2014/10/09]    2.0-2

Fixed  a bug in the license authentication for Mac.

[2014/09/03]    2.0-2

Fixed the translation mistake of the editor for Windows.

[2014/09/02]    2.0

- Software now available as 64-bit application
     Now able to surpass the max Java memory of 1GB for the 32-bit version.
     QuickTime (video import/export) can only be used with the 32-bit version.

- Improved 'Help' menu

- Officially compatible with MacOSX.


- Added the 'PSD Import', a new function to import PSD (Photoshop) data, turn it into a 
  texture file, mapping out polygons on objects, and re-position objects automatically. 

- Added the 'Template', a new function where Deformers and Parameters of an existing model 
  can be used as a template

- Added a new function 'Reflect' (Embedding reflected objects requires SDK 2.0)

- Imporoved the Copy/Cut & Paste function.
    Now supports Copy & Paste of Deformer where all elements belonging to a deformer can
     be copied and pasted together.
    Now supports Copy & Paste of all key values of object

- Added the Enlarge/Shrink function to Rotation Deformer(SDK2.0)

- Improved the 'Automatically generate polygon from point' function.
     1. Generated triangles are in better shape
     2. Avoids generating polygons on transparent areas
     * 'Automatically generate polygon from point' is applied with Ctrl+R

- Ctrl+RightClick now pops up Drawable Objects under pointed cursor

- Added 'Add points (β)', a new function where points are added and polygons are divided with a mouse drag.
    This function is at beta and may see a dramatic change.

- Objects can be placed within or outside a parent Curve Deformer area.
     Objects placed outside the Curve Deformer remain visible on Animator and with SDK2.0.
     However, placing objects inside a parent Curve Deformer is recommended,
     since it results in better performance and higher deformation quality.

- Improved ‘Export .moc File’
    - Added size options for Export Target (e.g. 1/1 for original size, 1/2 for half size and so on)
    - Added a new function ‘Export a model setting file (model.json)

- Improved 'Deform Path'
    - Added a new function 'Unlink Deform Path'.
    - Added a new function to highlight the Drawable Objects linked to selected Deform Path
    - Ctrl+Drag now allows editing of Deform Path without affecting linked Drawable Object.
    - Fixed some issues about Deform Path.

- Improved 'Deformer Palette'
    - Deformer parent/child hierarchy can now be edited by drag & drop.
    - Fixed some isshues about Deformer.

- Enhanced FREE version.
    - Increased the maximum size of Texture from 1024px to 2048px
    - Increased the maximum # of Deformers allowed in FREE version from 30 to 50.

- Added the 'Texture List' button to show all the list of textures .

- Selecting Drawable Objects improved by ignoring the transparent region of the texture.

- Drawable Object can now be named individually.
    The Drawable Objects created by 'PSD Import' keep the name of PSD layers.

- Drawable object can now be selected according to its texture transparency.
- Drawable object can now be named.
    Drawable objects imported from .PSD will be named based on the layer names.
- Increased the Maximum # of Deformers allowed in FREE version from 30 to 50.

- Fixed an issue where deleting kay values of a parameter cancels deformation of displayed object.

- Changed Java operating environment from Java6 to Java7.
    Some process speed increase can be expected.

- Added a graphical slider for changing DrawOrder.

- Added 'Delete Deformer and its contents' option in the Deformer menu.

- Added a graphical guide showing the Deformer hierarchy of selected object.

- Added 'Keep outer boundary' option in the 'Automatically generate polygon from point' menu.

- Selecting each component is now visually reflected in the Parts Pallet and the Deformer Pallet.
    Pressing 'Link' button on Parts/Deformer Pallet
    collapses a group to indicate the selected component.

- Selecting a Drawable Object and Deformer automatically switches b/w Drawable Object 
    Edit Mode and Deformer Edit Mode respectively.

- Added the Transparency Control function for Deformer.

- Fixed an issue where pressing +/- key-value button with a stylus was difficult.
- Alt+Drag now allows editing Curve Deformer elements excluding the red box and the center point.
- Parameter Pallet now automatically adjusts its height.
- Parameter Pallet now automatically adjusts its length based on Parameter names.
- Texture Edit window can now be accessed through both dragging/dropping an image and 'Open' menu.
- Pallets in Modeler are now DockedPallets, same as Pallets in Animator
- Added the 'Anti color spill-over' option when exporting .moc file.
- 'Texture noise removal tool' can now be called from 'Tool' menu

- Improved Curve Editor
     Multiple points can be selected and edited simultaneously.
     Ctrl+Drag scrolls sideways
     Fixed a bug where Parameter selection is canceled when switching edit mode.
     Fixed a bug where ‘Shy’ (Hide Parameters) does not function with Curve Editor.
     Fixed other minor errors.

- Changed Java operating environment from Java6 to Java7.
    Some process speed increase can be expected.

- User guides and improved when trying to load missing files.
    Searching with relative path is prioritized.
    ’Skip All’ option is now available.
    Files with missing link are shown red in Material Pallet

- Alt+Drag now moves both selected keys and all following keys.

- Fixed an issue where switching scenes with a stylus was problematic.

- Fade-in/Fade-out can now be configured for each Parameter and each Scene.
    Fade-in/Fade-out is coupled with a .mtn file and takes effect when switching animation in program”
    This function is only compatible with SDK 2.0.

- Improved .mtn importing.
     Required Parameters required can be selectively imported.

- Changing Material is now reflected accurately to corresponding Track and Material Pallet.
    When Material is re-named other than its file name, the new name is preserved.

- Improved GIF animation quality.
    Fixed a bug where entire GIF animation file loses color when the first frame contains not color.

- Outputting image sequence is now available for FREE version (640x480)

- Added a button for deleting all Materials at once.
- Parameter Pallet now automatically adjusts its height.
- Parameter Pallet now automatically adjusts its length based on Parameter names.
- Fixed an issue where loading an audio material causes system glitch.
- UI now prompts to recommend exporting a video with resolution in multiple of 4.
- Fixed a bug where Markers are now shown.
- Dragging Pallets are now lighter and smoother.
- Fixed an issue where key frames were difficult to grab when the timeline is scaled down.

- Drag Pallet is no longer available.